The Digital Business has a creative and innovative spirit in it’s approach to the world of digital media. Our core experience is in two key areas: any aspect of e-business, and in the world of convergence between the internet and mobile technology. We bring the ability to apply insight to the way that these two worlds could help organisations achieve their strategic goals.

Our Approach

Our values are based on inspiring creativity and innovation, flexibility and quality. We take an overall strategic view of what a company is trying to achieve – through, for example, online sales, customer engagement, or creative brand building using new forms of digital media. We can then create the appropriate strategies and then detailed plans – and, if required, help the organisation implement these changes.

Our People

The Digital Business is managed by Angus Cormie, who has a background in senior executive roles in Internet and mobile telecoms. He has been in major blue-ship companies for over 20 years, and has spent the last 10 of them in the field of digital media. Angus brings a unique knowledge base crossing web and mobile digital media environments. With a host of experience launching and managing leading edge mobile services, he has also made a major contribution to the depth and success of a major European network operator’s wireless service and e-business portfolio.

For several years, he was responsible for the web presence for a top 10 UK transactional web site – stitching together the digital media requirements for the various operational parts of the business into a single consistent, coordinated approach. He had specific experience managing the team who created and developed innovative e-care, e-marketing, e-commerce, and consumer web / intranet support services.


The Digital Business can just as easily work with our client’s internal resources, their preferred partners, or we can bring in the necessary associate resource to fulfil final project delivery. The business has a network of associates, ranging from Information Architects, Designers and Developers, Project Managers, Operations Managers, and Product and Service development specialists who can be called upon as required.

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